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Even though it is said that a picture is worth a 1000 words, I believe that it sometimes can be interesting to know the story behind the pictures. I will therefore once in a while put some words on a series of photos.


Pheasants 01





Pheasant submission


Ræv bider rådyr 04

Fox against roe deer (Danish version)


Skånes største elg - d

The biggest moose in Skåne (Danish version)



Sleeping close to brown bears (Danish version)


Rådyrbrunst 12

Roe deer rut (Danish version)


1405 - Rævehvalpe C10

The fox earth (Danish version)


04 - 1123 - Ræven sover - 01a - Roskilde

Does the fox sleep ? (Danish version)


07 - 0316 - Vildsvin - E - Vomb

The wild boar (Danish version)


Ræv på musejagt - 07

Fox hunting in snow (Danish version)