About me / my photos

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Carl Ammitzbo. I am from Denmark where I live close to Copenhagen.

I have always been fascinated by sneaking around in the nature trying to discover wild animals. The nature is rich and generous if you use your senses. Beautiful sights and exiting moments but also peace and silence are what I find in the nature. I know that I can only save the real moments in my memory, but I try to capture glimpses of them using my camera.

Being a wildlife protographer means long quiet and calm periods, which sometimes change in a split second to moments of extreme tension, where coolness and quick decisions are needed.

Wildlife photographing is very encouraging. It is rare to see an absolutely perfect wildlife picture. A lot of different skills are usefull to obtain good wildlife photos. To me, the three most important skills are patience, alertness and respect.

Patience is really needed when you first have chosen your position and wait for something to happen. After several hours waiting without the slightest glimpse of anything interesting, it can be very tempting to move to a new position. However each time you move, you expose yourself. I am good at staying at the same spot for many hours, but I still believe that I would get better opportunities, if I could stay even longer before moving to a new position.

Alertness is cruical. Out of nothing the most dramatic scenery can occur in no time. If you are not ready, you may loose the chance of your life.

Respect for nature is fundamental. Not showing the necessary respect and not acting responsible in the nature can lead to death and torment for wild animals.

Only pictures of wild animals are shown on this website. Most of the pictures are taken close to my home or in Sweden. In Sweden I really find the nature I like – endless woods, small lakes, abandonned cattle fields and mysterious bogs.

Please be aware that the pictures are reduced in size compared to the originals in order to fit internet display.

If you would like to comment or purchase some of my pictures, you are welcome to contact me on e-mail: carl.ammitzbo@gmail.com.