I Would Like To See A Lynx

Lynx project – Part 4 – 2014 – January 18.
This weekend I was visiting the house. After a very long drive in bad weather conditions, I arrived friday early in the afternoon and parked at the neighbours house 1 km away. I walked down to the house through 25 cm deep snow. The temperature was around -10 C – also inside the house. The house was quite dark inside as the windows were icy on the inside. Unfortunately I did not manage to light up the burning stove in the kitchen nor the masonry heater on first floor. Luckily I could use the gas stove, so I could stay two days in the house.
I emtied the scouting camera and I was very disappointed only to see pictures of me demounting the camera.
Saturday morning I went for a walk in the beautiful surroundings all dressed in white snow and very silent. It was quite difficult to walk in the snow, so I could only cower a small area. I found moose tracks, which I followed until I saw a moose bull with small antlers looking at me until he disappeared.
I also saw a lot of very heavy icicles, where it almost seems as a man is sitting in the icicles.
11 - 0118 - Is - 01 - Bratforsen
Sunday morning I went back to my car and drowe back to Denmark.