I Would Like To See A Lynx

Lynx project – Part 2 – 2013 – October 16.
I am back in the house for three days in this week – together with my wife Anne Mette and my two sons Peter and Jonas. We have almost managed to empty the whole house. We have not discovered any “gold” yet, but we have found some interesting things.
A lollipop carefully eaten by insects looks like an invisible lollipop.

The invisible lollipop

We have only found one dead animal in the house – a small bird captured under some carpets on the stairs from the basement.

Dead bird

Unfortunately I have been very busy emptying the house, so I have not had the opportunity to discover the outdoor surroundings yet. However I have still already found a foot print of a wolf. Only problem is that I found the foot print inside the house in the room, where food are stored. It is a plaster cast dated July the 26. 1998 and the size is big (10-11 cm long and 9-10 cm wide) so most probably it realy is a foot print from a wolf, even though there were not many wolfs in Sweden back in 1998.

Probably foot print from wolf

We do have a lot to do in the house, but I took the time to put up a salt lick stone outside the house and install my scouting camera. It will be interesting to see what kind of animals are frequently pasing the house. If you look very carefully at the birch tree far left, you might be able to see the camera.

Salt lick stone